About Carbon Cart

Carbon Cart introduces a streamlined tattoo booking platform that aims to advance the process of making an artist’s personal style available to a wider audience of tattoo collectors.  

Carbon Cart makes it easier for tattoo collectors to find an artist in any area, with a style they are looking for, while simplifying the booking process. Decreasing the need for consultations, emails, phones calls or shop visits. 


In an era of tattooing when most artists have or want to have a more distinctive style, Carbon Cart provides you with a simple and easy to use program. A mobile app that will allow you to quickly customize your profile and schedule, upload line drawings or flash that you want to tattoo vs taking requests for styles you may not be into. Clients can browse your profile, gallery of flash, choose the design, select a time and book it!  


Many tattoo artists today have a distinctive style, Carbon Cart will help connect tattoo collectors with artists that specialize in a style you're looking for. The artists on Carbon Cart are sharing designs they are truly inspired to create with clients who appreciate them. 

It's well understood to veteran tattoo collectors, that allowing the artist flexibility to draw and execute the art the way they want, they achieve better results. 

 Create a profile, browse artists, and select your next tattoo.

Carbon Cart is simple, streamlined and easy to use!