Schedule Changes 

The shop listing automatically includes the hours your shop is open. You have the option to set your days off and adjust the hours by day if you aren’t avalible. For example; Rabbit Tattoo is open 12-7pm, 7 days per week. You have MON & TUES off, those would be the days you set. Friday, you need to leave early for a convention, simply adjust the hours by day to reflect these changes. 

Allow for Updates and Location? 

Always click YES. This will enhance your experience by allowing our geolocation tools to navigate all the artists registered on the platform. This also ensures clients can find you. Also make sure you allow access to your camera for the app. 

Payment Methods

Artists- Enter your preferred payment method. This is so clients know how to pay you. They can bring cash or send money via your Paypal or other payment processing service. Simply enter your desired payment method in your profile.


Clients- After you book your appointment, simply head to an ATM or send the artist the requested amount using the method they have listed. 

Adding Images

Artists- Make sure to add drawings, line work, paintings and flash regularly to promote your business. Clients are able to preview all the details you enter and view the designs just like social media. The higher frequency of posting, the more potential clients see your work!


We DO NOT advertise on the app & we DO NOT promote any accounts. Use the Carbon Cart platform as a tool to build your business, without gimmicks! Clients feel ZERO pressure while browsing thousands of designs from real artists. who proud to display their designs. When you are ready to be tattooed, just book your appointment. 


We offer two options for tattoo artists, monthly or yearly service. 

The longer your page runs, the more exposure you will receive. As a newer platform it may take time to build; but slow and steady wins the race. 

Suggestions, Questions or Technical Issues? 

We check our email daily and will usually respond within 48 hours.